Monday, December 28, 2009

Disturbing conversation on the bus

" you're an f---in jailbird."
" I only got locked up once that don't make me a jailbird. Not like my boy. That's a jailbird. He be out for like 5 days and he's back in. Then out for 2 days and he's back in."
"He's gonna get a life sentence some day."
"Nah he's not gonna kill nobody or nothin' like that."
"You don't have to kill nobody to get locked up, you just have to like hit a cop back or something like that."

What more can I say. This is a sad state of affairs.

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  1. One day I had to take the bus up Warren Street and I honestly have to say I was traumatized. I only had to go about 6/7 stops and couldn't wait to get off because of a cell phone conversation a young woman was having w/someone. I wanted so desperately to say something, but it is not like years ago when someone would apologize and check themselves. Today, she might have checked me into a hospital after she got violent on me, so I silently endured it.