Saturday, March 20, 2010

As I write I am sitting out on the porch in my little eco chalet. The lights are completely out because I was hoping that with no lights I would spare myself the assault of bugs. That idea has been slightly thrown off by the reality that my computer has now become a bug magnet as it is the only real light in this area.

Even though a late start and a long day prevented us from getting to our hotel in the daylight hours I recognize that this is a beautiful place. As I right I can hear the distant voices of my fellow Fellows but the sound of their voices cannot overpower the sound of running water and the steady hum of the insect symphony.

Clearly I have not totally unplugged from my virtual world because I am typing on this computer; however, as I sit here I feel more at peace than I have been in days – maybe even months. I realize that for all my love of modern life, there is nothing that beats the beauty of the natural world.

My name is Mariama and I am
I am addicted to Crackberry and Facebook, Twitter and Ipod
Try as I might I can’t seem to resist the seduction of fast food and bottled water
My habit has caused me to loose my very sense of touch and taste, sight and smell
The only feeling that is natural is that of a mouse in my hand
How often does 5’oclock roll around and I have forgotten to eat so I drag myself home to a frozen pizza
Scrolling through emails I don’t see what is around me
My favorite smell has become that new package smell, you know like that faint plastic smell eminating from my newest gadget
I have given up so much for my drug – my sanity, my peace of mind
To get a fix I have even given up my most precious gift – time
Time for praying to the God to wakes me up each day and gives me strength
Time for singing until my throat hurts
Time for cooking a feast
Time for knitting a sweater
Time for dancing until my legs give out
Time for planting a garden and sheparding its growth
Time for laughing with friends over a good cup of tea
Time for sitting in beautiful places, contemplating the beauty of God’s creation
While recognition is the first step action is what is required
But kicking this habit seems an insurmountable task

There is more to finish this, but I need to sleep and will have to contemplate more later

Monday, March 15, 2010

I have arrived in Chiapas

After getting to Logan airport at 5am and then three flights to Atlanta then Mexico City and finally to Tuxtla Gutierrez, we then drove one hour to the town of San Cristobal de las Casas. The history of this city is quite interesting and I will have to share it later since I need to get dressed and head down to breakfast. Nonetheless I thought I would at least share the view from our hotel window.

My roommate, Maria Elena Letona, and I got the best room. We have a little private balcony and an amazing view. I know that many of you are in Boston and experiencing rain, so when I put on my short sleeve shirt and flip flops I will try to get as much sun as I can so that you can feel it back in Boston.

Enjoy the photos -

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